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~ Thank you for your interest in Resonate Asheville! ~  

~~ Special Announcement ~~

The resonate team has decided that it is in the festival’s best interest to look toward a 2018 date. We have big plans though, so be sure to stay tuned in!

Plus: We will be producing a few smaller events as we build energy toward the festival. Rest assured, we have the highest intentions for growing and look forward to staying connected with everyone. If you have questions about a sponsorship, performance, workshop or offering, please feel free to email –   


Learn More about RESONATE Asheville’s special event creations below!

Our Mission:
RESONATE creates unique annual and semi-annual events located in urban Asheville, NC based in vibrational wisdom and alternative, non-invasive healing modalities, such as sound. Through the direct experience from inspired movement to deepening meditation, we offer creative environments for consciousness exploration.

Examples of what you might find at this event:
World Soul Music and Creative Ecstatic Dance
Alchemy Sound Healing and Potent Toning
Sacred Geometry Philosophy, Science and Cymatics
Changing States from Negative to Positive

Want to be involved? Performance Submissions, Workshop Applications, Sponsorship and Volunteer Opportunities, please visit the website or reach out by email. (







Our goal is to inspire transformation from the inside out. We are here to remember and reintegrate our innate ability to replenish and restore our own energy. Just as the Golden Rule or Newtons 3rd law describes, we live in an interconnected toroidal field. Wherein the Universal Creative Intelligence is ever balancing change from the microcosm to the macrocosm. Resonate Asheville roots down at the vector equilibrium. Just as lightning balances ions in the atmosphere or as a musical note can evoke a feeling; in an instant, change can occur. From philosophy to physics, from song to dance, our goal is to create connections of collective synergy that inspire living joyfully from embodied wellness. Using informed science and cutting edge applications of ancient wisdom to evolve a more balanced and transformed future.

Just Be Open and always Let your Heart guide you.

From Alpha to Omega, from Nadir to Zenith, From Duality to NON SEPARATION.
We are An Actualized and Embodied Collective Unity Consciousness Individually Expressed in the fullest spectrum of LOVE!


Contact: Liz Cox by email or phone at 804-517-8017 or


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