Art Studio World is Resonate’s benefiting Non-Profit. This group is brings holistic, meditative and peaceful practices to at risk youth nationally. Bio-Geometry and HeartMath education are part of their programs. They will be training teachers and hosting retreats for the kids at their new location at the base of Pisgah Mountain in Candler.

10% of our event ticket proceeds will go to EMPOWERING YOUNG MINDS!

See More at their website :

 Art Studio is EMPOWERING YOUNG MINDS by providing safe locations where youth are inspired and guided by artists, teachers, professionals and mentors who support the students personal, educational and professional career development through C.H.A.I. LIFE ARTS PROGRAMS that utilize a CREATIVE-HOLISTIC ART INTEGRATION approach to learning . We hope you will join us in our mission & vision to empower young minds so all youth are given a “CRADLE  TO CAREER” opportunity and the tools they need to become successful leaders for positive change in our schools, communities, and throughout the world.

OUR MISSION: Is to EMPOWER YOUNG MINDS by providing Creative-Holistic Art Integration (C.H.A.I) LIFE ARTS PROGRAMS to youth in need.

The mission of Art Studio Inc., a 501c3 non-profit organization, is to empower young minds by providing a safe location where youth are inspired and guided by artists, teachers, professionals and mentors who support the student’s educational, personal and professional career development through creative-holistic art integration (C.H.A.I.) LIFE ARTS.

OUR VISION: Is to HEAL SYSTEMIC POVERTY by EMPOWERING YOUNG MINDS withCreative-Holistic Art Integration (C.H.A.I) LIFE ARTS PROGRAMS for youth in need.

The Vision of Art Studio Inc., a 501c3 non-profit organization, is to collaboratively advance the sponsorship and implementation of Creative-Holistic Art Integration (C.H.A.I) LIFE ARTS PROGRAMS in impoverished communities and schools, and through out the world. By utilizing all arts (creative) mediums & wellness (holistic) modalities we promote solutions that support HUMAN RIGHTS, LIFE SKILLS and PROFESSIONAL CAREER DEVELOPMENT. With creative thinking tools our youth have the opportunity to be guided out of systemic poverty, onto a path of “Cradle To Career”, creating lives of healing and success.

America is the richest nation in the world, yet 37 million Americans live below the official poverty line and millions more struggle to get by every month. In America today, our prison systems are filled with high percentages of young adults from impoverished beginnings. This is America’s pipeline to prison — a trajectory that leads to marginalized lives, imprisonment and often premature death; all of which costs our country far more in the long run than the educational solutions to fix it.

Art Studio, through creative holistic art integration programs, is committed to empowering at-risk youth with the tools needed to make their way off the path to prison. Our Art Studio preventative programs engage at-risk youth in solutions that reduce detention and incarceration, leading them out of poverty.


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